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Lap Duc Company

Over 10 years in trading industrial, agricultural, piscicultural machines, equipments imported from Japan. We haven’t stopped listening the market, gradually developing with ambition that customers will always be satisfied, confident and feel secure when using provided product, service.

We have the honor of introducing our main fields:

          - Trading Forklifts, Generators, Industrial Machines, Construction Machines... imported from Japan.

          -Provide Forklift Renting service.

          -Maintenance and Repair services for many forklift types: Battery Forklift, Petrol - LP Gas Forklift, Diesel Forklift.

          -Producing Japanese-technology Honda motorbike accessories.

          -Producing GOODLUCKR lighting equipments.

We have Japanese experts’ contribution along with experienced – creative - dynamic team of engineers, technicians. We always analyze and understand all needs of customer then apply our technique, experience and thought to optimally resolve those needs.


            Customer is the basis value of every business, is the only reason for viability and development of business. Therefore, “Customer is Center” policy leads all activities of us.


            We listen, analyze, thoroughly understand needs of each customer and apply our experience, technique, skills, and thought to optimally resolve those needs. Then you can keep your mind on main core trading, producing activities of your business.

“Customer’s trust is our life”


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