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    Lap Duc Trading Service Production Co., Ltd was established over 10 years. We specialize in trading forklifts, construction machines, industrial machines imported from Japan, motorbike accessory field officially was run since 2007.

    From the beginning, Lap Duc determined a clear direction: Bring motorbike accessories which met standard of world leading motorbike brands to Vietnamese consumers with the most reasonable price.



  • - LĐ Brake Shoe is produced follow Japan technology, mould and producing machinery chain is directly imported from Japan.
  • - Main materials: Qualified brake shoe bodies are made of dedicated aluminum alloy (ACD 12) with suitable mechanical-physical features. They are formed by hydraulic press machine with high force to avoid defects, like air bubbles, crack in body could lead to body break. Special mechanical-physical features of aluminum alloy allow manufacturers to cast light, strong and durable products with suitable price.
  • - Brake lining: is directly pressed into the platform according to Japan technology.
  • - Subsidiary materials: Colloids are imported from Japan.
  • - Closed process producing: Feature of this method makes constituent active elements of product can alternate and reach required technical specifications.



1. Brake Shoes:

Lap Duc Brake Shoes

Features: Thick shoes are made of strong aluminum alloy. 100% non-asbestos brake linings are made by new technology, high friction, long worn-time, anti noise, anti hardening.



2. Clutch Plates:

Lap Duc Clutch Plates

Features: Transmit entire motor torque without slip, splitting. Clutch plate can quickly and absolutely cut force transmission to reduce the impact of gears.


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